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Arahet Travel is happy to invite you on un memorable tour to Armenia, the land of Christianity and Faith. One can witness pagan temples, first Christian churches in the world, signs of thousands wars and developed architecture of middle ages. You will hear numerous legends and stories and explore the spirit of a courageous and ancient nation of the Armenians. Visit our special Services page.
Fr. Kyuregh Talyan

Fr. Kyuregh Talyan

Let God’s blessing be spread onto “Arahet Travel" – “Path Travel” to fulfil its mission the best introducing the spiritual values, the spiritual heritage. full letter

Fr. Kyuregh Talyan Rev. Fr. Vazken Boyajian Fr. Avedis Abovian Bishop Arakel Karamyan Протоиерей Илия (Одяков) Artak Ghazaryan
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Arahet - The path up the Mountains to the Sky

Arahet Travel invites you to the meeting place of heaven and earth! 
Have you ever been to the first Christian country in the world? Have you prayed in the church founded by Christ's two apostles - St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew?

You have been and would like to be again?

Then just pack your things and travel to ARMENIA!
ARAHET TRAVEL will organize your trip in the most inspiring way. Just contact us or select and apply to any of our tours in Tour Packages.

All our fixed tours and events are mentioned in the Announced Tours.

We are also open to your suggestions and special request. Considering them in the short time we will provide you with the requested tailored tour.

You can also order only a component of a tour. Some offers can be found in the Services.

We are very happy to receive your comments, remarks, impressions and ideas about our products and services in the Testimonials.